Nuclear measurements
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A laboratory specialised in non-destructive nuclear measurements. It is the ‘nuclear measurements’ centre of excellence.​​​​

The LMN laboratory is responsible for all activities involving non-destructive nuclear measurements, such as the non-destructive testing and characterisation of objects, both radioactive and non-radioactive. The laboratory develops, qualifies and validates methods to meet measurement requirements in the fields of radiological, elementary and physical characterisation of objects, components and facilities.
Its highly skilled engineers and technicians are tasked with designing, building (or overseeing this activity), calibrating and commissioning prototypical and/or industrial systems for non-destructive nuclear measurements, by combining methods and devices developed by the laboratory or elsewhere. The LMN provides assessment, consultation, support, characterisation and inspection services to operators and the industry, either at the client’s premises or in the LMN facilities.
The laboratory benefits from some very high-level scientific and technical skills. Its R&D activities in modelling and/or experiments cover the following technical fields: gamma spectrometry, passive and active neutron measurements, neutron activation, radiography, and X-ray tomography. Measurement uncertainties are reduced by coupling these methods in order to cross-check several sources of information.
The nuclear measurements platform benefits from all of these experimental and software means. The LMN develops its activities in process control, physical characterisation through imaging, elementary characterisation for civil and environmental safety, reactors, fuels, clean-up & dismantling, and chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear and explosive (CBRNE) threat environments. The LMN also develops methods for characterising radioactive materials and waste, and for detecting hazardous materials in transport containers.
Its skills are renowned in numerous fields: nuclear physics; radiation-matter interactions; nuclear instrumentation; physical and nuclear measurements regarding the laboratory's irradiators and devices; nuclear measurements for clean-up, dismantling and radioactive waste management operations. The LMN is also specialised in project management in its fields of expertise.

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  • Non-destructive nuclear measurements (neutron, gamma, X-ray, etc.) for radiological characterisation (gamma spectrometry, neutronic measurements, etc.), physical characterisation (X-ray and neutron imaging), and elementary characterisation (neutron activation,
  • Applications in the nuclear fuel cycle, reactors, accelerators, security and inspection of materials.
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Major equipment

  • PROMETHEE and SYMETRIC devices (passive and active neutron measurements in 100-litre and 200-litre objects),
  • COQUINA (PADIRAC mobile connectable system for the active neutron measurement of irradiating objects),
  • CINPHONIE (neutron and photon irradiation interrogation cells for X-ray imaging - radiography and tomography),
  • DANAÏDES shielded cubicle (neutron interrogation system to detect hazardous materials with biological shielding, uranium mining exploration using neutron interrogation in collaboration with ORANO Mines, recycling of materials using neutron activation under the TEENV project with Marcoule and KIT (Germany), passive and active neutron measurement of radioactive waste packages under projects such as H2020 MICADO, etc...
  • • BIHAN hot cell for R&D on passive neutron measurements (neutron coincidence counting, location of radioactive sources in packages and neutron imaging).
  • Gamma spectrometry stations with different configurations and efficiencies,
  • Mobile passive neutron stations or modules for in situ measurements.
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​Key figures

  • 30 permanent staff and 5 to 10 fixed-term staff, doctoral students, trainees, etc,
  • 4 European R&D projects (H2020),
  • 2 ANR projects,
  • 1 to 2 patents registered every year since 2018 (about 20 patents in 25 years).
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  • Nuclear industry (Orano, Andra, EDF, etc.),
  • Partnerships under EU or ANR projects with:
    - the industry (SODERN, Smiths Detection, Thalès, Bertin)
    - R&D institutes (Italy, Croatia, Germany, Belgium, European JRC, Poland, the UK)
    - Final users and organisations. ,
  • Bilateral collaborations (JRC-Ispra, FZJ-Jülich, University of Padua, KIT, TOTAL Energies).