Tiret rouge

Our various measurement laboratories are available to provide you with certified results of nuclear measurements such as dosimetry on materials, detection of illicit products, and package characterisation and inspection.

We carry out dose measurements on materials, not people (this is the responsibility of IRSN). Our experts are also skilled in carrying out a wide range of measurements using state-of-the-art equipment, and they have the means to manufacture dosimeters to meet customer specifications.

Our nuclear measurements are meeting the growing needs in the fields of characterisation, inspection and detection. In this field, neutrons are extremely useful for developing measurement systems.

Thanks to TOMIS (TOMography In Situ) imaging, an innovation developed by our researchers, it is possible to carry out precise onsite imaging of packages containing radioactive material, such as waste packages.

Neutron inspection of maritime, road or other types of containers is also included in our portfolio of services. This technique is used to detect both radioactive materials, and any illicit substances such as drugs, explosives, etc. This research is mainly carried out within a collaborative framework, especially on a European level.

Finally, the development of other techniques, such as passive neutron measurements, can be used to characterise waste drums that may contain plutonium.

Our experts are ready to help you with your dosimetry and non-destructive testing requirements, whether nuclear or non-nuclear.