Optimisation of processes using scientific computing tools
Tiret rouge

Scientific computing tools for the optimisation of innovative fuel manufacturing processes.

Simulation du pressage d’un agglomérat de cristallites Pu impact des formes des grains et des coefficients de frottement - carré © IRESNE/CEA

The digital and software developments carried out on our PLEIDES fuel platform are pooled to be able to perform accurate, predictive modelling and multiphysics simulations in different fields of application, such as fuel manufacturing processes.

With our colleagues from the CEA ISAS institute, we can build models and simulations of processes that are increasingly more realistic using these improved “digital” support cradles.

More specifically, such improvements provide:

  • Help in defining and interpreting experiments,
  • Better understanding of the physical phenomenon,
  • Sensitivity analyses and digital experiments to identify improvement levers.