Tiret rouge

The teams at the Research Institute for Nuclear Systems for Low-Carbon Energy Production (IRESNE) specialise in developing solutions and products to meet complex specifications with strong constraints.​​

Thanks to support on studies for the future Generation IV and current PWR reactors, we have strengthened our skills in the design of reactor technologies and special components, resolving a number of issues:

  • Design and development of specific heat exchangers
  • Design studies on modular reactors: small modular reactors (SMR), sodium-cooled advanced modular reactors (AMR), modular molten salt reactors (MSR).
  • Study of tritiated blankets for the ITER fusion reactor
  • Mechanical, thermomechanical, thermohydraulic, magnetohydrodynamic (MHD), robotic and fast dynamic designs.

    These designs can extend to mock-ups and even test sections, which are used to validate concepts.

    Our cross-disciplinary expertise in mechanics, thermomechanics, thermohydraulics and material selection is a veritable advantage when guaranteeing a reliable design in compliance with regulations, codes and standards.

    You may be dealing with these issues. We can help you solve them with our know-how and design skills.