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Main European Projects

Published on 8 August 2022

CEA-Leti at the heart of European innovation 

CEA-Leti is involved in approximately 110 innovation projects serving French and European industry in fields ranging from hardware to embedded systems and software technologies.

Whether to improve health, protect the environment, enhance citizens' mobility and quality of life, or sharpen Europe's competitive edge, CEA-Leti experts take EU society challenges to heart by driving world-class innovation. Our teams actively contributed to these goals in the following areas

  • Silicon Technologies and Components

  • Architecture and Integrated Circuits Design

  • Embedded Software

  • Optics and Photonics

  • Technologies for Biology and Health

  • Internet of Things and communication technologies

  • Systems and Solutions Integration

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​European projects 2020-2021

​European projects 2018-2019

European projects 2016-2017 



FP7 - H2020

  • European projects are conducted under the umbrellas of FP7 and H2020, the last two EU framework programs for research and innovation, as well as EU - member states partnerships such as ECSEL JU and EUREKA clusters. 

  • Simultaneously, CEA-Leti helps define tomorrow's hot European strategic-research topics, constantly discussing with various key European decision-making bodies, such as associations, European Technological Platforms (ETP) and public-private partnerships (PPP).

As part of these pan-European efforts, CEA-Leti draws on its multidisciplinary experts and state-of-the-art R&D facilities to run 110+ ambitious and strategic R&D projects on disruptive innovations from smart sensing to edge AI and advanced computing.