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MIRCen facilities

Molecular Biology and viral production

This platform offers methods, equipment and expertise in biochemistry, cell culture and molecular biology. In addition, it has expertise in the development of AAV virus and lentivirus vectors for the development of disease models and the evaluation of new avenues of treatment.
Published on 18 December 2020
Biologie moléculaire et production virale


  • Determination of biomarkers in brain samples or cell culture extracts, models of neurodegenerative diseases (electrophoresis and western blotting, ELISA, determination of enzyme activities).
  • Primary cell cultures (of neurons, astrocytes or mixed cultures) and cell lines. Videomicroscopy analyses, toxicity tests (MTT, LDH, fluorescein).
  • Flow cytometry
  • Development and production of viral vectors (lentiviruses and AAV).

Evaluation of the biodistribution and biological effects of these vectors are then carried out principally by the histology platform, but also by the imaging platform (PET imaging) and the behavioral analysis platform.

Laboratory devoted to biochemical and histological studies (© Stroppa/CEA)

Biosafety level 3 cell culture laboratory
(© Stroppa/CEA)



  • Well equipped biosafety level 2 and 3 culture rooms (incubators, biosafety cabinets, binocular microscopes, inverted fluorescence microscopes including a videomicroscopy system)..
  • Chemiluminescence detection system for western blots (Fusion FX7).
  • Multiwell plate reader for the measurement of fluorescence, luminescence and absorbance.
  • Three-laser cytometry.

pf-virologie_medium.jpg pf-virologie-2_medium.jpg 

Biosafety level 3 laboratory.
(© Stroppa/CEA)