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Postdoctoral job opportunity in Bioinformatics

SysFate - Systems Biology of cell Fate decisions

Published on 25 June 2020



Postdoctoral job opportunity in Bioinformatics to reveal major gene regulatory programs from single-cell RNA-seq transcriptomes issued from CAR-T cell development.

1 year position (extendable up to 3 years) @ SysFate / UMR8030 Genoscope; France.

The team SysFate, driven by Marco Antonio MENDOZA (PhD / HDR; permanent CNRS researcher), is interested on understanding cell fate decisions from the reorganization of complex gene regulatory programs that are defining their biological state. SysFate is currently located within the French National Sequencing Center, Genoscope, in the city of Evry at the South of Paris - France.

The postdoctoral position falls within an EU funded collaborative project T-Fitness, to develop more resistant CAR-T cells in the context of solid tumors. Specifically, you will (i) analyze single-cell / bulk RNA-sequencing data for revealing major gene programs; (ii) develop enhanced solutions for predicting master regulator transcription factors driving gene programs at the basis of CAR-T cell development. The postdoctoral position is expected to start in September 2022.

Competitive salary package for international standards (> 2,000 euros net/month including French social insurance, and according to the experience of the candidate). Experienced candidates aiming to apply for permanent positions in France (e.g.CNRS positions) will be supported.

Candidate profile:
The candidate must hold a Ph.D. degree in bioinformatics, computer science, or related. Essential qualifications include excellent programming skills in languages as Python, Java, Perl and/or R. Experience in next-generation sequencing and related functional genomic data analysis (transcriptomics, ChIP-sequencing, etc) is a strong asset. Furthermore, experience in single cell
transcriptomics and / or gene regulatory networks reconstruction is a plus for this application.

The successful applicant is expected to be an enthusiastic and self-motivated person. The applicant should have the skills to be an independent researcher.

Interested candidates might submit (i) a detailed CV, (ii) a list of publications, (iii) letter of support of their previous institution(s). Please submit your application by email to Marco Antonio Mendoza:
mmendoza at