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NeurATRIS : Call for collaborative projects on neurodegenerative diseases

NeurATRIS is seeking proposals for collaborative projects uniting its members, academic or clinical laboratories, and biotech companies. The retained projects will receive €50,000 in funding.

Published on 18 January 2018

The mission of NeurATRIS is to enable innovative collaborative projects in the field of neurodegenerative diseases (Alzheimer's, Parkinson's and Huntington's diseases, multiple sclerosis). Its initial goal is to show proofs of concept for therapeutic approaches. The laureates of this call for proposals will have the leading expertise and cutting-edge technologies of NeurATRIS' members at their disposal to ensure the success of their translational projects. They will be able to screen, characterize, evaluate and validate their promising approaches and compounds.

Also, NeurATRIS will provide €50,000 of financial support for the winning projects.

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The present call for medium- and long-term collaborative projects is open to academic or clinical laboratories and biotechnology companies.

NeurATRIS is currently accepting submissions and evaluating them during its monthly executive committee meetings.

For more information, you can contact NeurATRIS Project Chief Lauranne Duquenne at

To learn more about NeurATRIS, visit

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