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Coronavirus COVID-19: CEA mobilized to maintain its essential functions

As soon as the Government announced that the pandemic had reached stage 3 and that the national containment system would be implemented, CEA mobilized to maintain its essential functions, while helping to combat the spread of the virus and protect the health of its 20,000 employees. Continuity plans for each of the organization's centres were deployed on Monday 16 March to ensure the safety of its employees.

Published on 24 March 2020

Thus, employees in the nine CEA centers are confined to their homes and, wherever possible, teleworking has been implemented. Activities requiring a physical presence on site have been reduced to what is strictly necessary to maintain essential functions, with scrupulous respect for barrier gestures and social distancing.

The essential functions concern ongoing research on the coronavirus, the guarantee of French nuclear deterrent functions, the maintenance of research and technological infrastructures (in particular clean rooms and nuclear research facilities) and their security, as well as the protection of the centres. The CEA is also pursuing priority actions to support vital economic activities, in particular support for electricity production.

CEA has carried out this adaptation of its working methods rigorously and as quickly as possible, thanks to the exemplary cooperation of its employees. It will continue to adapt as the situation evolves.

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