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Cell for animal health and welfare

​The main mission of the Healh and animal welfare cell is to supervise and federate a cutting-edge preclinical research. The objective is to develop animal experimentation approaches in rodents and non-human primates, thus allowing NeuroSpin neuroscientists to propose new imaging methods and new applications to humans, following a translational strategy.

Published on 28 April 2023

The Animal health and welfare cell consists in a technical facility housing the different animal models currently under investigation in various preclinical studies (mice, rats, non-human primates). The main role of this platform is to ensure the respect of the different regulations related to animal experimentation (regular update of all required agreements, staff training before accessing the animal housing area, monitoring of animal entry and outcome, control of veterinary products use).

A team of zootechnicians is responsible for the housing and care of the animals, as well as the implementation of the enrichment programs necessary for their well-being. A specific structure for animal welfare (SBEA, Structure du Bien-Être Animal), headed by one veterinarian and the manager of the "animal health and welfare" cell, is in charge of ensuring the ethical monitoring of the different projects involving animal experimentation.