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Computing infrastructure

The IT infrastructure unit is responsible for project management of NeuroSpin IT. The cell collaborates with the DRF/GIPSI (central IT resources of the CEA's Fundamental Research Division - DRF) and the outsourcing center which provide project management for servers and workstations.

Published on 28 April 2023

The IT Infrastructure cell ensures the structuring, the deployment, the maintenance of the NeuroSpin computer park in order to keep it at the state of the art.

This computer park is composed of a gigabit network allowing to connect all the workstations and computer servers to 2 separate networks :

  •  An intranet network allowing access to the common IT resources of the NeuroSpin.
  • A network called "partners" allowing to welcome teams outside the CEA in order to access shared resources.

Users can thus have access to Windows-based administrative workstations or Linux-based workstations that can be installed by the center's service provider. In close collaboration with the DRF/GIPSI team, the IT Infrastructure unit also provides research teams with dedicated calculation servers on CPU or GPU architectures, as well as a cluster for prototyping calculation codes that will be deployed in the CEA's Very Large Computing Center (TGCC, DAM, Bruyères-le-Châtel).

Users also have access to a large storage space of 1.7 PetaBytes online, which is used to host neuroimaging data produced by the NeuroSpin platform's imagers in accordance with the expectations of current regulations on health data, as well as to store data from analyses conducted as part of the teams' research projects. This data space benefits from a redundancy that ensures its durability.


  • Gigabit network
  • NVIDIA GPU architecture computing cluster
  • CPU architecture computing cluster
  • 1.7 Petabytes of storage space
  • Partner zone for hosting teams from outside the CEA