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Data analysis cell

The Data Analysis cell is composed of 4 engineers deployed in 3 research units in order to meet the specific needs of NeuroSpin researchers for software development and analysis of heterogeneous brain data (neuroimaging, omics, clinical and behavioural data) used in the context of research conducted in clinical neuroscience, population imaging or cognitive neuroscience research.

Published on 24 April 2023

The mission of the Data Analysis cell is to meet the various needs of research teams in support of software development and brain data analysis, including:

  • The development of ad hoc software tools to meet the specific needs of research teams based in or using the NeuroSpin platform.
  • The development of brain data analysis pipelines based on standard tools used by the scientific community.
  • The development of webservices that allow remote control of the developed pipelines and the access to the data produced (
  • The deployment of these tools on the high performance computing resources of NeuroSpin (CPU and GPU clusters) and of the CEA Très Grand Centre de Calcul (via the EBRAINS/FENIX infrastructure).
  • The availability of a catalogue listing all the tools produced by the cell. More specifically, within the framework of various research projects conducted by the BAOBAB and UNIACT units, the cell analyses population imaging data from small, medium and large monocentric, multicentric, national, European or international cohorts acquired on healthy subjects (IMAGEN, HCP, UK BioBank, …) or patients (R-link, EUAIMS, HBN, …) in order to develop population stratification approaches and thus be able to identify the predisposition of each individual to develop brain pathologies. This work is carried out in close collaboration with the UMS CATI.

The cell also actively contributes to the development of specific tools for studies conducted within the UNIACT unit on neurodevelopmental pathologies which require numerous adaptations of tools recognised by the community to allow the analysis of imaging data in babies and young children.

Finally, the cell develops pipelines dedicated to the analysis of functional MRI data from the various fundamental research projects carried out within the UNICOG unit. The data analysis cell is also responsible for the development and maintenance of the NeuroSpin's wiki (, which aims to provide users of the NeuroSpin platform with all the technical and practical information related to the various procedures to procedures to carry out data acquisition and analysis.