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Stimulation cell

​The Stimulation cell’s mission is to develop and maintain the hardware needed to run experiments on humans or animals (MRI-compatible visual, auditory and tacticle stimulation devices, responses buttons, eye-trackers, etc.). The team also maintains the computers controlling the experiments and supports the end-users.

Published on 24 April 2023


Marie-France Fourcade & Christophe Pallier

The team is comprised of an electronician (M.-F. Fourcade) and a mechanician (J. Bernard), seconded by a cognitive scientist (C. Pallier). They are in charge of developing and installing the equipements used to present stimuli and capture the subjects’ behavior in (and out of) the scanners. This requires the design and printing of electronic cards and MRI-compatible devices (responses boxes, supports, headphones, phantoms, …) making use of the mechanical and electronics labs. Several commercial equipements (e.g. video screens, eyetrackers, ...) are also maintained by the team, which intervenes quickly in case of failure in order to prevent delays or interruption in data acquisitions.

Finally, the team documents the available hardware and software solutions on NeuroSpin’s wiki (, a web site intended for internal people to allow them to share practical and technical information about NeuroSpin.