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High-Troughput Experimentation Platform

Published on 3 February 2023

High-Throughput Experimentation (HTE) consists in the miniaturization and parallelization of chemical reactions at a standard scale of 10umol for the discovery or optimization of reactions, allowing a considerable saving of time and money, while drastically increasing the number of possible combinations (standard format: 96-well plate).

Inspired by the HTE platform at the University of Pennsylvania (Philadelphia), the CEA has recently acquired the expertise and instrumentation necessary to enable the development of new synthesis methodologies as well as the resolution of difficult chemical transformations. The high-throughput experimentation platform, created in 2021, is accessible to users from both academia and industry.

High-Throughput Experimentation: 

  • Miniaturization and parallelization of chemical reactions (2.5 micromol to 10 micromol) 
  • Screening of reaction conditions (Base, solvent, catalyst, ligand, etc.) 
  • Suitable for air sensitive, photoinduced, gas atmosphere and/or pressure, temperature, radiolabeled reactions.

Suitable and/or customized software: 

  • Software for experience design « HTDesign » (CEA) 
  • Sofware for data processing « Analytical Studio » (Virscidian) 

Analytical park: 

  • GC-MS 
  • SFC-UV 
  • HRMS 
  • Radioactive detectjon
  • NMR


The CEA-SCBM HTE platform offers "turnkey" services and collaborations, from design to analysis of the results obtained. Chemical reactions: air-sensitive, thermal, photochemical, pressurized or gas atmosphere, radiolabeled. Optimization parameters: base, ligands, catalysts, solvents, additives, etc. Analytical systems: UPLC-UV-MS, SFC-UV, GC-MS, etc. To submit a request or for any additional information, please contact us (


The HTE platform of CEA-SCBM offers theoretical and practical training opportunities, individually or in groups. For any request or additional information, do not hesitate to contact us.