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14C-labeling laboratory



Published on 30 April 2020
The focus of our research is the discovery of high throughput reactions, the development of new tools for bio-orthogonal chemistry (also known as "click") and the investigation of reliable methodologies for carbon-14 labeling of biologically active small molecules and relevant nanoparticles.

Our laboratory is member of the ISOTOPICS (ITN) and FLIX (Fet Open) European consortia.

Team Leader
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LMC 2019 © M. Feng

​Group Members

Davide Audisio, Team Leader
Frédéric Taran, Group Leader

Dominique Georgin, Researcher
Olivier Loreau, Researcher
Antoine Sallustrau
, Researcher
Judith Baudeth, PhD student
Joao De Oliveira, PhD student
Lea Madegard, PhD student 
Maxime Riberaud, PhD student
Alex Talbot, PhD student 
Alexandre Labiche, PhD student
Manon Luis, PhD student
Rosita Marrone, PhD student
Diana Lamaa, Postdoc
Sarah Ungeheuer, M2 student
Clara Zavarise, M2 student
Maxime Molins, M2 student
Florian Vinchon, L3 student
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- 07 April 2021: We are very excited to share that our milestone on nickel-catalyzed nitrile isotope-exchange is accepted in the Journal of the American Chemical Society! Congratulations to Minghao, Joao and all co-authors! 

- 19 February 2021
Our photocatalytic labeling procedure with CO2 is out in ACS Catalysis! Congratulations to Victor, Alex, Alexandre, Gianluca, Antonio and all co-workers! Well done !!!

ACS Catal Cover low.jpg 
ACS Catalysis suppementary cover: Nice Artwork @Antoine!

- 1 January 2021: We welcome Manon, Rosita and Alexandre as new PhD student in the group! 

- 25 November 2020: Our review on "Click and Bio-Orthogonal Reactions with Mesoionic Compounds" is accepted in Chem. Rev.! Congratulations to Karine, Margaux and Carlotta!

- 29 April 2020: Excellent news, our latest work on the development of a transition-metal free carbon isotope exchenge is out in Angewandte! Congratulations to Gianluca and all co-authors for this excellent work! 

- 10 December 2019: We are very happy to share that Davide is recepient of a 2019 ERC Consolidator grant! Congratulations for this great news! For informations see here: ERC-CEA, ERC-JOLIOT, Italian newspapers 1 2 3


- 15 October 2019 : Welcome to Lea, Judith, Joao and Maxime who joined the group for their PhD! Looking forward to work together! 

- 4 Septembre 2019 : Some fun after the group picture!

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LMC 2019 © M. Feng

- 31 July 2019: Great news: dithiolium-4-olates enter the arena ! Our paper on their “Strain-Promoted Cycloadditions” is out in Angewandte Chimie! Congrats to Arun and all co-authors ! Time to celebrate now! 

-20 February 2019: Congratulations to Karine for he paper on cleavable micelles in Angewandte! Great job to all co-authors!

- 10 January 2019: Sydnones go helical! Our regioselective synthesis of pyrazolohelicenes is out in JACS!
Congratulations to Expédite and all co-authors! Great collaboration with Prof. Ken Houk group (UCLA) and Prof. Gilles Muller (SJSU)! 

- 26 December 2018: Late Santa Claus! Our work on Carbon Isotope Exchange with #CO2 is out in JACS !
Congratulation to Gianluca, Oliver and all co-authors!

- 6 June 2018: Antonio and Gianluca  received the Journal of Labelled Compounds & Radiopharmaceuticals Award for Junior Scientists! Congratulations!!!

- 6 March 2018: Davide Audisio received the “Young Researcher in Medicinal Chemistry Award” provided by the French Medicinal Chemistry Society (SCT) and sponsored by Servier, during the "25th Young Research Fellows Meeting" in Orléans. Congratulations!!!

“Young Researcher in Medicinal Chemistry Award 2018” © S. Papot

- 4 Dec. 2017: Fun after the group picture!

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