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Tritium Labeling Laboratory


Published on 1 September 2021
The Tritium Labeling Laboratory focuses on two themes: nanosciences and hydrogen isotopes labeling & materials.

Team Leader
Eric Doris
+33 1 69 08 80 71

Nanosciences (Eric DORIS)         

Eric Doris, Researcher
Edmond Gravel, Researcher
Sophie Feuillastre,
Grégory Pieters, Researcher

Sébastien Garcia-Argote, Senior technician
Florence Pillon, Senior technician

Arun Kumar, Postdoctoral Fellow
Yordenca Lamartinière, Post-doctoral Fellow
Mickaël Payet, Postdoctoral Fellow

Max Coelho, PhD student
Sophia Godel, PhD student
Stéphane Hoang, PhD student
Maxime Jay, PhD student
Hugo Rubio, PhD student
Kevin Tatoueix, PhD student

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The Tritium Labeling Laboratory consists of two complementary teams involved in :

  • The use of hydrogen isotopes (deuterium, tritium) in organic chemistry (isotopic labeling for in vitro monitoring and in vivo imaging of molecules and nano-objects) and nanotechnologies (study of new nano-objects).
  • The synthesis of chiral fluorophores for optical/photonic devices
  • The design of new nano-objects usable for drug transport and vectorization (vesicles, nanodiamonds and carbon nanotubes) and imaging agents (quantum-dots, molecular probes  for hyperpolarized 129Xe MRI).
  • The development of novel catalysts for organic chemistry (metal nanoparticles, engineered carbon nanotubes).



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