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Published on 29 July 2022
Chemical functionalization of nanomaterials such as carbon nanotubes (nanomedicine, biosensors, catalysts assembly) and "quantum dots" (in vivo imaging).
Development of micellar carriers for diagnosis and therapy of solid tumors.
De novo synthesis of complex structures and development of novel synthetic methods.

Team Leader
  "Nanosciences"  Group

The Nanosciences group is mainly involved in four research topics :

Synthesis of biologically active substances in partnership with Pierre Fabre Laboratories.

This collaboration has led us to develop a strategy for the recycling of an industrial by-product into a high added value alkaloid, to develop an alternative route for the preparation of the last generation anticancer drug "Vinflunine" (patent CEA / Pierre Fabre), and to achieve the first chemical synthesis of (+)-Catharanthine which is a key alkaloid from the Madagascar periwinkle. Enantioselective synthesis of (+)-Mequitazine (antihistaminic, Primalan®) and Lévomilnacipran (anti-depressant marketed as racemate, Ixel®) have also been developed in recent years.

CEA/E Doris


Development of new methods for the functionalization of carbon nanotubes

It led to the development of a method for the separation of metallic from semiconducting nanotubes, the construction of hybrid materials for optical limiting and the design of nanosensors. Carbon nanotubes are currently also used as heterogeneous catalysts and for therapeutics.

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Design of ligands for the stabilization and biocompatibilization of fluorescent nanocrystals (quantum dots, QD) in physiological media for in

Different systems have been conceived to provide the required stability and make nanocrystals addressable.

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Design and synthesis of novel delivery systems for bioactive molecules and imaging agents.

The micellar nano-objects are reinforced by a post-assembly photopolymerization process.

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