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Bio-organic chemistry laboratory

The bio-organic chemistry laboratory is working on three main topics: i) the transport and metabolism of iodine, ii) the combinatorial chemistry and high throughput screening and iii) the synthesis of bioactive compounds and the development of new methodologies in organic synthesis.




Published on 18 December 2020

Team Leader
Jean-Christophe CINTRAT
01 69 08 21 07


Human resources
Marie-Pierre HECK, Researcher
Thierry LE GALL, Researcher
Yves AMBROISE, Researcher
Jean-Christophe CINTRAT, Researcher
Julie RIVOLLIER, Postdoctoral Fellow
Jérémy STEMPER, Postdoctoral Fellow
Nicolas GERNIGON, Postdoctoral Fellow
Clarisse LEJEUNE, Postdoctoral Fellow
Guillaume MIRALLES, Postdoctoral Fellow
Hajer Abdelkafi, Postdoctoral Fellow
Karen Hinsinger, Postdoctoral Fellow
Valérie Pons, Postdoctoral Fellow