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Hydrogen Isotopes Labeling & Materials

Published on 27 July 2020
Our main research focuses are:
  • Developing new efficient methodologies for the deuterium and tritium labelling of complex molecules using Hydrogen Isotope Exchange,
  • Labeling materials (particles, plastics, concrete) with tritium and studying the interaction materials/tritium,
  • Synthetizing chiral fluorophores for optical / photonic devices
Our laboratory is part of the former European ITN ISOTOPICS (2016-2019) and part of the European FET-OPEN FLIX (2020-2024)

Team Leader
Grégory Pieters, PhD

+33 1 69 08 55 82

Team members

Grégory Pieters, PhD (Researcher)

Sophie Feuillastre, PhD (Researcher)
Sébastien Garcia-Argote (Senior Technician)
Bernard Rousseau, PhD (Scientific Advisor) 

Morgane Detraz, PhD (Postdoc)
Arun Kumar, PhD (Postdoc)
Valentina Marascu, PhD (Postdoc)
Marco Lepron, PhD (Postdoc)
Etienne Levernier, PhD (Postdoc)
Mickaël Payet, PhD (Postdoc, IRFM)

Max Coehlo (PhD student)
Maxime Jay (PhD student)
Hugo Rubio (PhD student)
Kevin Tatoueix (PhD student)
Floriane Leblond (Visiting Student, IRFM)

LMT 2019.jpg
LMT Team 2019 @ CEA SBCM