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Biologie moléculaire et production virale

The aptamer platform bears the methodology, equipment and expertise for selection, characterization and engineering of DNA, RNA or chemically modified nucleic acid aptamers. Aptamers are nucleic acid-based ligands with antibody-like properties that are increasingly used as research tools, but also for industrial applications such as the development of contrast agents, biopurification processes, diagnostic kits or new therapies.

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Published on 3 July 2024

Aptamers can be selected against any type of target (small molecules, peptides, proteins, cells, etc.) and characterized in terms of affinity, specificity and biological activity. It is also possible to conjugate the aptamer with a fluorophore or radioactive molecule for imaging. Aptamers can thus be used as therapeutics or diagnostic molecules.

 Recently, we developed a method (PATTERNITY.seq) to improve aptamer selection by high-throughput sequencing. This « Big data » solution allows an analysis of molecular evolution with unprecedented resolution.

The platform is open to fee for service or collaborative projects with industry or academic laboratories. By ensuring the protection of the intellectual property (patents, confidentiality agreements, MTAs, etc.), we work with our partners to meet their needs as closely as possible.


  • Aptamer synthesis, purification and labelling
  • Semi-automated aptamer selection
  • High-throughput sequencing and aptamer prediction based on PATTERNITY.seq
  • Aptamer engineering (size reduction, chemical modifications, fluorescent and radioactive labeling)
  • Characterization of affinity (Kd, Kon, Koff, Cmax) and cell internalization
  • In vivo biological effect of aptamers can be explored through MIRCen’s imaging platforms (optical imaging and PET)


Robot for the selection and characterization of aptamers

Improvement of aptamer affinity for MCF-7 cells by molecular engineering. Top : affinity of the starting aptamer ; Down : affinity of the improved aptamer

aptamere 2.png
High-throughput sequencing to monitor the evolution of aptamer variants during a SELEX

aptamere 3.png
High-throughput sequencing analysis of aptamer affinity-enhancing mutations

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  • Semi-automated platform for the selection of aptamers
  • Molecular biology equipment for the production and purification of aptamers
  • Biosafety level 2 cell culture rooms
  • Hot Room dedicated to the manipulation of radioelements and affinity measurement (robot, LigandTracer)
  • Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) Illumina
  • Workstation for bioinformatics analysis
  • Near-infrared fluorescence imaging system equipped with two lasers (680 et 740nm) enabling quantitative imaging by diffuse optical tomography (fDOT) with a mm3 resolution
  • Fibered confocal endo-microscopy system (pCLE) equipped with a laser 488nm for in vivo imaging of fluorescent probes with a resolution of just a few microns