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CEA contributing to the European AI-powered personalized medicine project KATY

​The institutes IRIG and Jacob of the CEA's Fundamental Research Division and CEA-List joined forces to participate in KATY, a European Horizon 2020 project aimed at creating an artificial-intelligence-powered personalized medicine program.

Published on 14 June 2021

​KATY, or "Knowledge At the Tip of Your fingers: Clinical Knowledge for Humanity," is a European Union project for the creation of a precision personalized medicine system empowered by artificial intelligence (AI). KATY seeks to predict how any one patient's kidney cancer will respond to targeted therapies and identify the molecular indicators of its predictions. Perhaps even more importantly, KATY will provide interpretable knowledge that physicians can trust, evaluate, and use efficaciously in their daily work. 

The four-year project is financed by the Horizon 2020 call for proposals entitled Trusted digital solutions and Cybersecurity in Health and Care, under the topic AI for Genomics and Personalized Medicine.

Three CEA institutes with expertise in experimental and digital technologies for precision medicine united their strengths to participate in KATY. For the Fundamental Research Division, both CEA-Irig and CEA-Jacob are participating, with respectively the Biology and Biotechnology for Health Laboratory and the National Center of Human Genomics Research; and for the Technological Research Division, CEA-List is providing its know-how.

The experience acquired with KATY will energize the development of precision medicine in French and European hospitals by furnishing new AI-based tools to guide clinicians in the choice of antitumoral treatments best suited to their patients.


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