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Laboratory of fundamental Mechanisms in Bioenergetics




Published on 27 June 2018
The central theme, common to all research projects of the laboratory, is photocatalysis. In different projects, the lab studies biological or bio-inspired systems that use the energy of a photon to perform a chemical reaction.




Team Leader
Winfried Leibl
33 1 69 08 52 89

Photosystem II (Alain BOUSSAC)


Logo_I2BC.pngLMB is changing in 2015 and is divided into three groups as part of the creation of the institute of integrative cell biology (I2BC).


Human resources
Sandra Andrianambinintsoa, Research Engineer 
Alain Boussac, Researcher 
Hervé Bottin, Researcher 
Klaus Brettel, Researcher 
Pavel Muller, Researcher
​Sandrine Cot, Technician
Nadime Karaduman,
Diana Kirilovsky, Researcher 
Anja Krieger-Liszkay, Researcher 
Thanh-Lan Lai, Technician               
Winfried Leibl, Researcher 
Ally Aukauloo, Researcher 
Véronique Mary, Technician
Annamaria Quaranta, Research Engineer 
Pierre Setif, Researcher 
Adjélé Wilson,
Alberto Mezzetti, Scientific advisor

Fundamental mechanisms of bioenergy

The main scientific aim is to understand the underlying reaction mechanisms by elucidating the key processes involved in the photocatalytic process : formation of an excited state, its conversion into reducing or oxidizing power by charge separation reactions, electron transfer to/from the catalytic site, charge storage on this sites, as well as eventual associated proton transfer processes.

Topics studied in this laboratory concern the enzymology of iron hydrogenases, the role of ferredoxine-NADP+reductase isoforms, DNA photo repair by the photolyase, cryptochromes (blue light photoreceptors), and supramolecular complexes for hydrogen photoproduction.