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Laboratory of Oxidative Stress and Detoxification




Published on 27 June 2018
The aim of the Laboratory of Oxidative Stress and Detoxification (LSOD) is the study of enzymatic systems playing a major role in the processes of oxidative stress and / or cellular detoxification.

Team Leader
(to be nominated)


François ANDRÉ, Researcher
Annie BARRAND-FRELET, Researcher
Alain DESBOIS, Researcher   
Stéphane ORLOWSKI, Researcher
Jérôme SANTOLINI, Researcher
Medhi LEMBROUK, Engineer assistant 
Bosco JOSEPH, Technician

Oxidative stress

Reactive oxygen and nitrogen species are continuously produced in cells in order to carry out various physiological functions. The nature and flow of these species are fully controlled by biochemical adapted and adaptable systems. The imbalance between disposal systems and production of these species leads to dysfunction of macromolecules and cells at the heart of the phenomenon of oxidative stress. In humans, these dysfunctions are the cause of many diseases such as neurodegenerative diseases, some cancers as well as diseases produced  by exposure to the environment. Detoxification is a set of processes which target biotransformation and / or transport of exogenous substances. In response to stress, activation of detoxification systems is linked to the action of antioxidant metabolism enzymes.