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Molecular engineering of proteins unit




Published on 30 April 2020
The service objectives aim at the development of novel molecules, protein or pseudo-peptide nature, which may have applications in human health.
Head of unit
Denis Servent
33 1 69 08 52 02


Bernard Maillere
33 1 69 08 94 47

Sylviane Barbe
33 1 69 08 71 95


The development of new chemical entities from "pseudo peptides to miniproteins" though multidisciplinary strategies with potential applications in diagnostic and therapeutic innovation is the specific contribution of SIMOPRO to health projects of the Life Science Division of CEA. The development of compounds of interest is based on the expertise of two additional laboratories and a number of teams dedicated to the analysis, protein engineering, radio-imaging or crystal growth.

SIMOPRO is part of several international research networks working on the molecular engineering of proteins, member of the Labex Lermit (Laboratory of Excellence in Research on Medication and Innovative Therapeutics) and participates to the Joint Ministerial Program of R&D against chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear and explosive (CBRNe) risks.

The Unit consists of two main laboratories and technical "platforms" specific to SIMOPRO: