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Affective and motivational biases on confidence judgments

Du 13/06/2022 au 13/06/2022

Maël Lebreton, Swiss Center for Affective Sciences, has given a talk on Zoom on June 13th.


Short abstract:

Confidence judgments can be formalized as a subjective probabilistic assessments that an action, answer, or statement is correct, based on the available evidence. In order to optimally re-evaluate previous choices or to efficiently arbitrate between different decision-strategies, we need such confidence judgments to be as accurate and unbiased as possible. In this talk, I will present a line of research leveraging behavioral, computational and functional neuroimaging modalities, that investigates how incentive motivation and affective states affect confidence judgments. Across multiple studies, we notably demonstrate that confidence judgments are systematically biased by monetary incentive, i.e. the anticipated monetary outcome of a decision. Further investigations identify the ventromedial prefrontal cortex as a key brain node underpinning this interaction, assess this bias in patients with neuropsychiatric disorders, and explore its generalizability to different cognitive tasks and probabilistic judgments. Altogether, our results provide a robust demonstration of functional links between motivation, affects and metacognition.

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