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Publié le 7 février 2023

​2020-present : 

  • High-Throughput Experimentation as an accessible method technology for academic organic chemists in Europe and beyond, X. Caldentey and E. Romero, Chemistry Methods, 2023, e202200059 LINK
  • Broad spectrum compounds targeting early stages of rabies virus (RABV) infection, S Kali, C Jallet, S Azebi, T Cokelaer, JP Da Fonseca, Y Wu, J Barbier, JC Cintrat, D Gillet, N Tordo. Antiviral Res. 2021, 105016
  • Flexizyme-aminoacylated shortened tRNAs demonstrate that only the aminoacylated acceptor arms of the two tRNA substrates are required for cyclodipeptide synthase activity. N Canu, C Tellier, M Babin, R Thai, I Ajel, J Seguin, O Cinquin, R Vinck, M Moutiez, P Belin, J-C Cintrat, M Gondry, Nucleic Acids Research, 2020, 48(20), 11615-11625
  • Structure-activity relationship studies of Retro-1 analogs against Shiga toxin. H Abdelkafi, A Michau, V Pons et al. J Med Chem 2020, 63, 15, 8114-8133
  • Shiga Toxin Uptake and Sequestration in Extracellular Vesicles Is Mediated by Its B-Subunit, A Willysson, A-L Ståhl, D Gillet, J Barbier, J-C Cintrat, V Chambon, A Billet, L Johannes, D Karpman, Toxins 2020, 12, 449
  • NMR Characterization of the Influence of Zinc(II) Ions on the Structural and Dynamic Behavior of the New Delhi Metallo-β-Lactamase-1 and on the Binding with Flavonols as Inhibitors, Riviere, G; Oueslati, S; Gayral, M; Crechet, J-B; Nhiri, N; Jacquet, E; Cintrat, J-C; Giraud, F; van Heijenoort, C; Lescop, E; et al, ACS Omega 2020, 5(18), 10466-10480
  • Functional dissection of the retrograde Shiga toxin trafficking inhibitor Retro-2, A. Forrester, S.J. Rathjen et al. Nat Chem Biol 2020, 16, 327-336
  • Regulation of endo-lysosomal pathway and autophagic flux by broad-spectrum antipathogen inhibitor ABMA, Y. Wu, C. Boulogne, Claire; S. Carle et al. FEBS J. 2020
  • Revisiting Old Ionophore Lasalocid as a Novel Inhibitor of Multiple Toxins, N. Mahtal, Y. Wu, J.-C. Cintrat et al. Toxins 2020, 12(1), 26
  • Photochemical Strain-Release-Driven Cyclobutylation of C(sp(3))-Centered Radicals, G. Ernouf, E. Chirkin, L. Rhyman, P. Ramasami, J.‐C. Cintrat, Angew Chem Int Ed Engl. 2020, 59(7), 2618-2622
  • Glucocorticoids delay RAF-induced senescence promoted by EGR1, C. Carvalho, V. L'Hôte, R. Courbeyrette, G. Kratassiouk, G. Pinna, J.-C. Cintrat, C. Denby-Wilkes, C. Derbois, R. Olaso, J.-F. Deleuze, C. Mann, J.-Y. Thuret, J. Cell Science, 2019, 132(16)   

2015-2019 : 

  • DABMA: A Derivative of ABMA with Improved Broad-Spectrum Inhibitory Activity of Toxins and Viruses, Y. Wu, V. Pons, Noel, Romain; et al., ACS Med Chem Lett. 2019, 10(8), 1140-1147  
  • Spermine-NBD as fluorescent probe for studies of the polyamine transport system in Leishmania donovani, E. Jagu, S. Pomel, S. Pethe, J.-C. Cintrat, P.M. Loiseau, R. Labruere, Bioorg Med Chem Lett. 2019, 29(14), 1710-1713
  • Antiviral Effect of Retro-2.1 against Herpes Simplex Virus Type 2 In Vitro, W. Dai, Y.Wu, J. Bi, et al.J. Microbiol Biotechnol. 2018, 28(6), 849-859
  • Screening of a Drug Library Identifies Inhibitors of Cell Intoxication by CNF1, N. Mahtal, C. Brewee; S. Pichard; et al., ChemMedChem 2018, 13(7), 754-761
  • Antiviral Effects of ABMA against Herpes Simplex Virus Type 2 In Vitro and In Vivo, W. Dai, Y. Wu, Bi, Jinpeng; et al. Viruses, 2018, 10(3), E119
  • Retro-2 and its dihydroquinazolinone derivatives inhibit filovirus infection, O. Shtanko, Y. Sakurai, A.N. Reyes, et al. Antiviral Res., 2018, 149, 154-163 
  • ABMA, a small molecule that inhibits intracellular toxins and pathogens by interfering with late endosomal compartments. Y. Wu, V. Pons, A. Goudet, L. Panigai, A. Fischer, J. Herweg, S. Kali, R. Davey, J. Laporte, C. Bouclier, R. Yousfi, C. Aubenque, G. Merer, E. Gobbo, R. Lopez, C. Gillet, S. Cojean, M.R. Popoff, P. Clayette, R. Le Grand, C. Boulogne, N. Tordo, E. Lemichez, P.M. Loiseau, T. Rudel, D. Sauvaire, J.C. Cintrat, D. Gillet, J. Barbier. Sci Rep, 2017, 7(1), 15567
  • Antiviral effects of Retro-2cycl and Retro-2.1 against Enterovirus 71 in vitro and in vivo, W. Dai, Y. Wu, J. Bi, X. Lu, A. Hou, Y. Zhou, B. Sun, W. Kong, J. Barbier, JC Cintrat , F. Gao, D. Gillet, W. Su W, C. Jiang, Antiviral Res., 2017, 144, 311-321
  • Vaccinia Virus Uses Retromer-Independent Cellular Retrograde Transport Pathways To Facilitate the Wrapping of Intracellular Mature Virions during Virus Morphogenesis, K. Harrison, I.R. Haga, T.P. Jowers, et al., J. Virol., 2016, 90(22), 10120-10132
  • Retro-1 Analogues Differentially Affect Oligonucleotide Delivery and Toxin Trafficking, B. Yang, X. Ming, H. Abdelkafi, et al., ChemMedChem, 2016, 11(22), 2506-2510
  • Inhibitors of retrograde trafficking active against ricin and Shiga toxins also protect cells from several viruses, Leishmania and Chlamydiales, N. Gupta, R. Noel, A. Goudet, K. Hinsinger, A. Michau, V. Pons, H. Abdelkafi, T. Secher, A. Shima, O. Shtanko,  et al, Chemico-Biological Interactions 2016
  • Palladium-catalyzed chemoselective and biocompatible functionalization of cysteine-containing molecules at room temperature, RAA Al-Shuaeeb, S. Kolodych, O. Koniev, et al., Chem Eur J 2016, 22(32), 11365-11370  
  • Intracellular pathogens convert macrophages from death traps into hospitable homes, J. Barbier, J.-C. Cintrat, D. Gillet, FEBS Journal 2016, 283(4), 595-597
  • Regioselective Halogenation of 1,4-Benzodiazepinones via CH Activation, H. Abdelkafi, J.-C. Cintrat, Scientific Reports 2015, 5, 12131
  • Retrograde trafficking inhibitor of Shiga toxins reduces morbidity and mortality of mice infected with enterohemorrhagic Escherichia coli. T. Secher, A. Shima, K. Hinsinger, J.-C. Cintrat, L. Johannes, J. Barbier, D. Gillet, E. Oswald., Antimicrob Agents Chemother 2015, 59, 5010-5013
  • Retrograde transport is not required for cytosolic translocation of the B-subunit of Shiga toxin, Garcia-Castillo MD, Tran T, Bobard A, Renard HF, Rathjen SJ, Dransart E, Stechmann B, Lamaze C, Lord M, Cintrat JC, Enninga J, Tartour E, Johannes L., J Cell Sci. 2015; 128(13), 2373-2387
  • Synthesis, Chiral Separation, Absolute Configuration Assignment, and Biological Activity of Enantiomers of Retro-1 as Potent Inhibitors of Shiga Toxin, H. Abdelkafi, A. Michau, A. Clerget, D.-A. Buisson, L. Johannes, D. Gillet, J. Barbier, J.-C. Cintrat, ChemMedChem, 2015, 10(7), 1153-1156
  • Syntaxin 5-Dependent Retrograde Transport to the Golgi is Required for AAV Transduction M. Nonnenmacher, J.-C. Cintrat, D. Gillet, T. Weber, J. Virol., 2015, 89(3), 1673-1687
  • Les contre-mesures thérapeutiques progressent au pas de charge, J.-C. Cintrat, J. Barbier, C. Lombardi, V. Job, I. Attree, A. Dessen, L. Bellanger, S. Simon, Biofutur, 2015, 363, 46-49

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