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Publications de NeuroSpin antérieures à 2019

Publié le 15 février 2019

Early asymmetric inter-hemispheric transfer in the auditory network: insights from infants with corpus callosum agenesis
Adibpour P., Dubois J., Moutard M. L. and Dehaene-Lambertz G.
Ventromedial Prefrontal Volume in Adolescence Predicts Hyperactive/Inattentive Symptoms in Adulthood
Albaugh M. D., Ivanova M., Chaarani B., Orr C., Allgaier N., Althoff R. R., N D' Alberto, Hudson K., Mackey S., Spechler P. A., Banaschewski T., Bruhl R., Bokde A. L. W., Bromberg U., Buchel C., Cattrell A., Conrod P. J., Desrivieres S., Flor H., Frouin V., Gallinat J., Goodman R., Gowland P., Grimmer Y., Heinz A., Kappel V., Martinot J. L., Martinot M. P., Nees F., Papadopoulos Orfanos D., Penttila J., Poustka L., Paus T., Smolka M. N., Struve M., Walter H., Whelan R., Schumann G., Garavan H. and Potter A. S.
Computing the Social Brain Connectome Across Systems and States
Alcala-Lopez D., Smallwood J., Jefferies E., Van Overwalle F., Vogeley K., Mars R. B., Turetsky B. I., Laird A. R., Fox P. T., Eickhoff S. B. and Bzdok D.
Building blocks of social cognition: Mirror, mentalize, share?
Alcala-Lopez D., Vogeley K., Binkofski F. and Bzdok D.
On the role of visual experience in mathematical development: Evidence from blind mathematicians
Amalric M., Denghien I. and Dehaene S.
Modulation of orbitofrontal-striatal reward activity by dopaminergic functional polymorphisms contributes to a predisposition to alcohol misuse in early adolescence
Baker T. E., Castellanos-Ryan N., Schumann G., Cattrell A., Flor H., Nees F., Banaschewski T., Bokde A., Whelan R., Buechel C., Bromberg U., Papadopoulos Orfanos D., Gallinat J., Garavan H., Heinz A., Walter H., Bruhl R., Gowland P., Paus T., Poustka L., Martinot J. L., Lemaitre H., Artiges E., Paillere Martinot M. L., Smolka M. N. and Conrod P.
A validation dataset for Macaque brain MRI segmentation
Balbastre Y., Riviere D., Souedet N., Fischer C., Herard A. S., Williams S., Vandenberghe M. E., Flament J., Aron-Badin R., Hantraye P., Mangin J. F. and Delzescaux T.
A lateral-to-mesial organization of human ventral visual cortex at birth
Barttfeld P., Abboud S., Lagercrantz H., Aden U., Padilla N., Edwards A. D., Cohen L., Sigman M., Dehaene S. and Dehaene-Lambertz G.
Distinct brain structure and behavior related to ADHD and conduct disorder traits
Bayard F., Nymberg Thunell C., Abe C., Almeida R., Banaschewski T., Barker G., Bokde A. L. W., Bromberg U., Buchel C., Quinlan E. B., Desrivieres S., Flor H., Frouin V., Garavan H., Gowland P., Heinz A., Ittermann B., Martinot J. L., Martinot M. P., Nees F., Orfanos D. P., Paus T., Poustka L., Conrod P., Stringaris A., Struve M., Penttila J., Kappel V., Grimmer Y., Fadai T., van Noort B., Smolka M. N., Vetter N. C., Walter H., Whelan R., Schumann G. and Petrovic P.
Post-mortem inference of the human hippocampal connectivity and microstructure using ultra-high field diffusion MRI at 11.7 T
Beaujoin J., Palomero-Gallagher N., Boumezbeur F., Axer M., Bernard J., Poupon F., Schmitz D., Mangin J. F. and Poupon C.
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