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Bioanalysis (LBA)


Published on 4 May 2022

Team leader​ : Eric Bonnet
E-mail​: eric.bonnetat​

The bio-analysis laboratory (computational genomics) from the CNRGH is leading innovative research projects in bioinformatics applied to human genomics in close collaboration with biologists or on internal research projects. We analyze data from various high-throughput sequencing technologies in order to tackle well-defined fundamental biological questions. For instance, we are using data from transcriptomics experiments (RNA-seq), binding motifs for transcription factors (ChIP-seq), chromatin accessibility (ATAC-seq), 3D genome architecture (Hi-C), variants analysis (SNVs, INDELs, structural variants) and DNA methylation (bisulfite sequencing). We are using a large panel of state-of-the-art bioinformatics software tools to analyze sequencing data (such as Bowtie2, BWA, GATK, Varscope, MACS2, Bismark, HiC-Pro, statistical packages DESeq2, methylKit, MethPipe), but we are also developing new tools if necessary. Our lab has also a strong knowledge in biological networks inference and analysis (Lemon-Tree, CLR, KEGG and REACTOME databases).


  • Team Génomique Fonctionnelle, CNRGH, Evry (Sophie Chantalat)
  • Laboratoire Epigénétique et Environnement, CNRGH, Evry(Jorg Töst)
  • Laboratoire de Bioinformatique, CNRGH, Evry (Vincent Meyer)
  • Team Maths et Statistiques, CNRGH, Evry (Edith Le Floch)
  • Laboratoire de Biologie à Grande Echelle, BIG, Grenoble (Christophe Battail)
  • U900 Cancer et Génome, Institut Curie, Paris (Nicolas Servant)
  • Systems Genomics, Roslin Institute, Edinburgh (Tom Michoel)