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DossierProduction Platforms in Human Genomics (L2PGH)

Plateformes de production en génomique humaine
​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Team leader: Robert Olaso 

The Laboratory Production Platforms in Human Genomics (L2PGH) is involved in the integration of new methods of sequencing and genotyping for the CNRGH research operations.

CNRGH is developing high-throughput sequencing operations with the setup of an Illumina automated platform suitable for several strategies for the study of multifactorial diseases and rare diseases. The L2PGH recently acquired an X Five system for whole-genome studies. A HiSeq 4000 and several HiSeq 2500/2000 are used for other applications (exome, transcriptome, epigenome, etc.). The high production capacity positions the CNRGH among the leading European platforms.

Several years ago, a robust platform for production high-throughput genotyping based on Illumina and Affymetrix technologies was set up for analysis of the genome, transcriptome and methylome.

The L2PGH consists of 2 teams:  one for genotyping, the other for sequencing.


Published on 23 August 2023