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Production Platforms in Human Genomics (L2PGH)


Responsible : Doris Lechner
E-mail: lechn​er[at]​​​

Published on 23 August 2023
The high-throughput sequencing platform uses Illumina synthesis sequencing technology. Equipped with the latest generation of machines, enabling great platform polyvalence, the laboratory operates an X Five system consisting of 5 Hiseq X and, devoted to whole-genome sequencing, 1 Hiseq 4000, 11 HiSeq 2500/2000 and 1 MiSeq. Six technicians ensure 24/7 production. 

Our sequencing projects are oriented toward the sequencing of the whole genome, targeted re-sequencing, sequencing of gene-regulation factors and epigenetics (RNASeq, directional RNASeq, ChIPSeq, MeDIP, BiSeq, small RNA). The platform contributes to research on genetic and epigenetic factors in complex diseases, neoplastic diseases and rare diseases. The platform is also open to the scientific community and a partner of the national network France Génomique.​
​The laboratory has developed its own laboratory-information management system (LIMS) necessary for the management of the high number of samples. The software enables automation of the experimental process and quality control of sample preparation through to the analyses of the sequences generated.

Reagent monitoring with
​​the LIMS​



   « PRE-PCR » laboratory

        « POST-PCR » laboratory

The sequencing platform is separated into zones dedicated to PRE-PCR and POST-PCR. For most of the applications, sample preparation is automated (2 Sciclone NGSx systems and 1 Bravo Workstation). In the post-PCR laboratory, the samples are hybridized on a flow cell (glass cell for the sequencing reaction).​.


cBot Cluster (work)stations

           ​Cluster generation for FC 2500

The cBot workstation enables preparation of a flow cell in 4 hours. Automation enables operation overnight increasing production output.​

The HiSeq systems are able to process 2 flow cells independently enabling use of various types of sequencing applications in parallel. The Hiseq X and 4000 generate more than 1.5 TB of data in 3 days. The Hiseq 2500 system may be used in 'high production' mode for 12 days or with the 'rapid' function for acquisition of data in less than 48 hours.


Synthesis sequencing 
data acquisition

Automated system with latest generation 
​sequencers:  Illumina X Five system​

The highly qualified operators regularly control the performance of the systems and the quality of sequencing in cooperation with the 'quality control' team.