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Publications du SB2SM antérieures à 2019

Publié le 15 février 2019

Meet-U: Educating through research immersion
Abdollahi N., Albani A., Anthony E., Baud A., Cardon M., Clerc R., Czernecki D., Conte R., David L., Delaune A., Djerroud S., Fourgoux P., Guiglielmoni N., Laurentie J., Lehmann N., Lochard C., Montagne R., Myrodia V., Opuu V., Parey E., Polit L., Prive S., Quignot C., Ruiz-Cuevas M., Sissoko M., Sompairac N., Vallerix A., Verrecchia V., Delarue M., Guerois R., Ponty Y., Sacquin-Mora S., Carbone A., Froidevaux C., Le Crom S., Lespinet O., Weigt M., Abboud S., Bernardes J., Bouvier G., Dequeker C., Ferre A., Fuchs P., Lelandais G., Poulain P., Richard H., Schweke H., Laine E. and Lopes A.
Energy transfer and trapping in Synechococcus WH 7803
Acuna A. M., Lemaire C., van Grondelle R., Robert B. and van Stokkum I. H. M.
The PHD finger protein Spp1 has distinct functions in the Set1 and the meiotic DSB formation complexes
Adam C., Guerois R., Citarella A., Verardi L., Adolphe F., Beneut C., Sommermeyer V., Ramus C., Govin J., Coute Y. and Borde V.
A charge polarization model for the metal-specific activity of superoxide dismutases
Barwinska-Sendra A., Basle A., Waldron K. J. and Un S.
Disentangling the molecular determinants for Cenp-F localization to nuclear pores and kinetochores
Berto A., Yu J., Morchoisne-Bolhy S., Bertipaglia C., Vallee R., Dumont J., Ochsenbein F., Guerois R. and Doye V.
The low spin - high spin equilibrium in the S2-state of the water oxidizing enzyme
Boussac A., Ugur I., Marion A., Sugiura M., Kaila V. R. I. and Rutherford A. W.
A long-lived Triplet State is the Entrance Gateway to Oxidative Photochemistry in Green Fluorescent Proteins
Byrdin M., Duan C., Bourgeois D. and Brettel K.
(1)H, (13)C and (15)N backbone resonance assignment of the lamin C-terminal region specific to prelamin A
Celli F., Petitalot A., Samson C., Theillet F. X. and Zinn-Justin S.
Water Molecules Gating a Photoinduced One-Electron Two-Protons Transfer in a Tyrosine/Histidine (Tyr/His) Model of PhotosystemII
Chararalambidis G., Das S., Trapali A., Quaranta A., Orio M., Halime Z., Fertey P., Guillot R., Coutsolelos A., Leibl W., Aukauloo A. and Sircoglou M.
Properties and structure of a low-potential, penta-heme cytochrome c 552 from a thermophilic purple sulfur photosynthetic bacterium Thermochromatium tepidum
Chen J. H., Yu L. J., Boussac A., Wang-Otomo Z. Y., Kuang T. and Shen J. R.
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