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Publications 1997-2007

Published on 12 October 2017
​​​​​​​​​UVA irradiation induces relocalisation of the DNA repair protein hOGG1 to nuclear speckles.
Campal​ans, A., Amouroux, R., Bravard, A., Epe, B. and Radicella, J.P.
J. Cell Sci., 120, 23-32. 2007​​​
XRCC1 interactions with base excision repair DNA intermediates.
Nazarkina, Z.K., Khodyreva, S.N., Marsin, S., Lavrik, O.I. and Radicella, J.P.
Is the rep​air of oxidative DNA base modifications inducible by a preceding DNA damage induction? 
Bercht, M., Flohr-Beckhaus, C., Osterod, M., Runger, T.M., Radicella, J.P. and Epe, B.
Study of interaction of XRCC1 with DNA and proteins of base excision repair by photoaffi​nity labeling technique. 
Nazarkina, Z.K., Khodyreva, S.N., Marsin, S., Radicella, J.P. and Lavrik, O.I.
Redox regulation of human ​OGG1 activity in response to cellular oxidative stress. 
Bravard, A., Vacher, M., Gouget, B., Coutant, A., Hillairet de Boisferon, F., Marsin, S., Chevillard, S. and Radicella, J.P.
Helicobacter pylori genes inv​olved in avoidance of mutations induced by 8-oxoguanine.
Mathieu, A., O’Rourke, E.J. and Radicella, J.P.
Suppression of homologous an​d homeologous recombination by the bacterial MutS2 protein.
Pinto, A.V., Mathieu, A., Marsin, S., Veaute, X., Ielpi, L., Labigne, A. and Radicella, J.P.

APE1 overexpression in XRCC1-de​ficient cells complements the defective repair of oxidative single-strand breaks but increases genomic instability. 
Sossou, M., Flohr-Beckhaus, C., Schulz, I., Daboussi, F., Epe, B. and Radicella, J.P.
Nuc. Acids Res., 33, 298-306. 2005
XRCC1 intera​ctions with multiple DNA glycosylases: a model for its recruitment to base excision repair. 
Campalans, A., Marsin, S., Nakabeppu, Y., O’Connor, T.R., Boiteux, S. and Radicella, J.P.
OGG1 but not Kin17 DNA repair pro​tein is regulated by estrogens in the rat brain.
Araneda, S., Radicella, J.P., Angulo, J.F., Gysling, K. and Forray, M.I.
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