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LRS publications


Published on 30 May 2023

Procedures for Flow Cytometry?Based Sorting of Unfixed Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus 2 (SARS?CoV?2) Infected Cells and Other Infectious Agents.
Reifel KM, Swan BK, Jellison ER, Ambrozak D, Baijer J, Nguyen R, Monard S, Lyon G, Fontes B, Perfetto SP
Année: 2020
Profilin-1 regulates DNA replication forks in a context-dependent fashion by interacting with SNF2H and BOD1L.
Zhu C, Iwase M, Li Z, Wang F, Quinet A, Vindigni A, Shao J
Année: 2022
Polymerase iota (Pol ?) prevents PrimPol-mediated nascent DNA synthesis and chromosome instability
Sabrina F Mansilla1, Agostina P Bertolin, Sofía Venerus Arbilla, Bryan A Castaño, Tiya Jahjah, Jenny K Singh, Sebastián O Siri, María Victoria Castro, María Belén de la Vega, Annabel Quinet, Lisa Wiesmüller, Vanesa Gottifredi
Année: 2023